Hi there,

My name is Adam Holland. This system is primarily my personal email server. It is also part of the PhillW TechTeam infrastructure and has been made available for use in educational and software testing endeavors which I may participate in. I also host ISO images at mirror.vl-holland.win as a contribution to newer/smaller Linux distribution projects that I particularly admire. One day I hope to be capable of doing more for them.

Why do I have my own email server? Well, I used to use a gmail address, but I have had a lot of concerns and disagreements about Google's exploitation of personal information, which is a violation of privacy that has become all too common online these days. I wanted to leave Gmail for almost 5 years, but I was not ready to run my own email server until this year.

Spurred on by news of more and more scandals related to the exploitation of personal information by large Internet corporations, I spent a large part of summer 2018 working on a full boycott of Google products which I have been knowingly or unknowningly using. I didn't even realize the extent to which Google is entrenched in online services (Youtube!) and as a result I am not even done yet.

As far as my interest in computers and software, I am definitely more of a backend / sysadmin type and I am aware that my web design skills are ... lacking. Maybe one day I'll up my game there but for now all I need to do is to present information, mostly in text form. So it's not a high priority for me.

You can find out more information about me from the following profiles: